Sauna for Women
Price ¥2,700(Per Person・Tax Incl.)

水-金曜日 13:00-21:00

土日 11:00-21:00



Wednesday-Friday 13:00-21:00

Saturday and Sunday 11:00-21:00

  [Last entry20:00]

Full use of our facilities is available for women.
It is not necessary to wear bathing suits.
※Forest sauna is for private use only from 17:00 pm.
Sauna for Friends (2h) 【完全予約制 / Reservation only】
Price ¥2,700(Per Person・Tax Incl.)

17:00-19:00,  19:00-21:00


17:00-19:00,  19:00-21:00

Enjoy private use of Forest Sauna & Ice Sauna with your friends or your family.
From a minimum of 3 people.
If men and women together in a group, please wear bathing suits.


■ 定休日:月・火曜日

■ Wi-Fi・シャワールーム・パウダールーム・タオル・シャンプー・ドライヤー・ガウン・サウナハット

■ 水着 (レンタル)・下着(販売)

■ お持ちの水着をご持参いただいても結構です。

■ Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

■ Free Wi-Fi・Shower room・Powder room・Towels・Shampoo・Hair dryer・Gown・Sauna hat

■ Bathing suits (Rental use)・Underwear(For sale)

■ You are welcome to bring your own bathing suits.